MinCyT: Call for investors and operators for technology-based projects

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation invites investors and traders to the submission of expressions of interest for venture capital investment under the Program for Promotion of Entrepreneurial Investment (PROFIET).

Convocatoria de inversores y operadores para proyectos de base tecnológica [Foto: archivo]
The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, calls for the submission of expressions of interest related to the investment of risk capital for the creation of technology-based companies or research and development companies formed. The call is related to the Program on Investment Promotion of Entrepreneurship in Technology - PROFIET 2012, administered by the Secretariat for Administrative Coordination. 

 The program is intended for investors willing to make contributions to venture capital and investment operators can coordinate through the administration of trusts. The PROFIET seeks to promote the creation and consolidation of technology-based enterprises and promote investment in research and development ventures. Its operation is given through three ways: the direct allocation of funds or subsidies, the provision of tax incentives, and guidance and investment regulation. The call is open until 30 November. 

The documentation and forms for submitting respective initiatives of investors and operators can be obtained from infoprofiet@mincyt.gov.ar.

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